The best work bags for women

Regardless of how difficult or distant the journey is from home to the workplace, undoubtedly every woman wants a bag to carry her belongings and of course to get a work bag she will always want to carry. The best work bags for women will make your life easier and support your schedule, whether it is a lunchtime gym class, a last-minute business trip or evening events.

There are countless bags in the market, however, the ones that are best suited to take to work, have enough spaces to store various things such as your computer, your mobile phone, your food, your wallet, your accessories makeup, extra shoes, and goodies. In reality, all the elements that you need to carry daily that are essential for you and the performance of your work activities, at the same time, have quite well-stylized designs and even some appear to be of a much smaller size of what they really are in order to allow you to take it to events after your working hours.

You are far better off to invest in a leather handbag and spend less on those super seasonal pieces. Your work handbag should be generous enough to move items between your home and office without becoming too heavy or unwieldy. Your office handbag should be able to fit your iPad and perhaps an A4 folder. A great work handbag needs to be well organized. Look for handbags with at least one external zip pocket for your iPhone and keys. A few internal pockets also help to keep items such as pens and business cards off the bottom of the bag. If you want to make a statement consider choosing a bright colored leather handbag in a classic color such as red, dark blue or Bordeaux to pair with your daily corporate fashion outfit.

Think you want to use your bag. Do you want to carry your laptop and your things? When you need to be on a business trip you will probably don't want to carry a bag for work and one for your personal needs. So you will need a bag that is big enough for all. Also, you may prefer to carry a hand free bag, and I mean a backpack or a bag with a shoulder strap. Very handy if you ask me!

The size of the bag has to be the optimum. Before you buy your bag make sure you take the measurements of your work laptop. You need to fit your laptop, maybe some documents and some personal things. Good quality bags have a special compartment for laptops. Of course, it might be difficult to find a bag to carry your 15 inch and above laptops. But at the same time, those laptops are heavier too.

 Make sure that if it is a laptop bag, it has to protect it. Sophisticated leather laptop bags have special compartments so they can absorb small crashes.

Also, look for the features you like to have. For example, your bag can have several compartments, zip pockets, pockets, pen holders, business card holders, mobile phone pockets. It is up to your choice with what you will feel satisfied with. In general, an organized bag will help you avoid the mess.

Look for a quality leather work bag because it will last longer for sure. Also, it is important to check for quality crafting such as how the zips and stitches are made. Of course, it is common sense that you are willing to pay for quality, but in the long term, you get a return for sure. Usually, a well-made quality bag will give you a stylish outfit in the office. Just make sure you blend with your environment.

We have evaluated the options available and we want to recommend what we consider to be the five best work bags for women to go to the office and although we know that the choice of your bag is something very personal, we believe that this list is an excellent place to carry out your research.

Aria - Leather tote TL141823

Aria - Leather tote TL141823This bag is an excellent option to take to work, it offers a large interior space where you can store what you want without any problem, the materials with which it is made are highly durable, which makes it perfect for daily use, has a sober and elegant design that gives a great touch of elegance and style, worth every cent you pay for it and we are sure you will be delighted with this bag.

TL Bag - Saffiano leather handbag TL141638

TL Bag - Saffiano leather handbag TL141638A bag made of leather available in five colors; cognac, red, black, Bordeaux and dark blue, it has generous interior space in a configuration of space with 2 separate spaces and also it has 2 interior pockets. Space is at its greatest offer which makes it the perfect option to allow you to pack and take everything you need with you.


Urbino - Saffiano leather laptop briefcase with front pocket TL141627

Urbino - Saffiano leather laptop briefcase with front pocket TL141627A beautiful bag with a classic design that gives a great touch of elegance and sophistication, the material with which it is built is saffiano leather and has metal parts. The handles are made of high-quality leather and it will not crack or wear out for a long time. It is an excellent option to take it to work since it has a large interior space and being of a timeless design you can use it at any season of the year. It has a zip on the top and we are sure that it will cause enough looks. A great option without any doubt.

TL Bag - Soft leather shopping bag TL141883

TL Bag - Soft leather shopping bag TL141883If you usually travel a lot for work this option will be great because it is extremely comfortable and spacious, in addition to that you can carry it as a crossbody bag without any problem. It is a soft side bag and has an adjustable strap, which makes it comfortable and easy to carry. It has a zip pocket for storing your valuables with safety and 2 pockets in which you can store your phone or anything small you need when boarding your flight. We are sure you will love it.

Nagoya - Leather laptop backpack TL141857

Nagoya - Leather laptop backpack TL141857Although this is a backpack, it is perfect for traveling as you can place it on your travel bag without any problem. It has an opening on the backside to attach to a trolley. This leather backpack is made of high strength materials, its fabric is made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather without neglecting durability. It will allow you to carry your laptop or tablet without a problem thanks to its sophisticated interior space. Also, it will allow you to carry large volume objects such as a bottle, or your folders with documents. It is perfect to use in the day to day activities without having to sacrifice comfort or design, certainly a great option.


We have presented you with our selection of the best women's bags to take to work, however, our recommendations cannot be absolute and if your taste is different from what we have presented, you can see more reviews by clicking here. We hope, our selections and recommendations will be useful.