How to Choose the Right Luggage for Your Next Trip

The long-awaited vacations are around the corner.  Enjoy the anticipation of your vacation trip! Try to avoid all the stress with the overfilled suitcases and plan ahead. Before packing, just ask yourself some questions. Where are you travelling to?  How long will you be travelling? What you really need to get with you? If you keep these questions in mind when packing, you will avoid frustration when preparing for your vacation! Don't forget to use a suitcase with a unique design or with a colourful ribbon. It will be easier for you to find your luggage on the luggage conveyor belt.

TL Voyager - 4 Wheels vertical leather trolley TL141911.

TL Voyager - 4 Wheels vertical leather trolley

Checklist for your vacation

Clothing, personal care products and travel documents are of course essential you should not forget to have them with you on almost every vacation. What else you should pack for your summer vacations depends entirely on the duration of the trip and the destination. Our packing lists make packing suitcases for the holidays easier!

Packing list for an adventurous vacations

- Comfortable shoes

Plasters for blisters

Outdoor jacket

Hat or cap

Fleece pullover



Pocket knife

Packing list for beach vacations

Bikini and swimsuit


Flip flops

Beach towel

Beach bag

Books, magazines or e-book readers

Packing list city trip

Comfortable footwear

Travel guide with insider tips

Dictionary or translation app

Replacement battery or power bank for your smartphone

Selfie stick

Socket adapter

Folding umbrella

Money belt or similar wallet

When you have all the parts for a holiday together, all that matters is the right packing technique for the suitcase. Then you will be ready for relaxing holidays!

Varsavia - Leather pilot case with two wheels

Travel with the modern classic: Varsavia Leather pilot case with two wheels

Suitcases and duffle bags for hand luggage

Many airlines offer hand luggage already included in the flight ticket. Read the airline's baggage regulations carefully before your flight. Just a piece of hand luggage may be enough for short trips and weekend trips! Many airlines even allow you to take two pieces of luggage, such as a small trolley and a travel bag, as hand luggage. This way you can save extra costs for additional luggage.

Oslo - Travel leather duffle bag - Weekender bag

Flexible, practical and chic: Oslo Travel leather duffle bag. An ideal weekender bag

Short weekend breaks for spontaneous people

Are you in the office today and you have planned a short trip to the sun the next week? Last-minute airplane tickets are sometimes very cheap, and you can find several deals at low prices to travel at booking websites and tour operators. We offer express fast shipping with DHL and delivery is usually less than five days. So you can receive your bran new luggage very soon. Your spontaneous short trip escapes and your weekend adventurous holidays can start with the right luggage!