Best summer bags for this Season

Bags are important women’s accessories as they can highlight the total outfit and give a nice dressing result. You will definitely want to discover the best summer bags for 2019 as the current temperatures have given us an incredible appetite for colour! Change from black colour bags to colourful handbags, like magenta, mustard, red, pink, yellow, pink bags. This season we have found an incredible number of women bags that give the mood of for summer feelings through exciting straps or patterns. We took a look around the streets of Instagram and choose the very best.  Shoulder bags, handbags and clutches are going to be your favourite.

What we want during the summer is to go for short trips and city brakes. Choose a handbag for your style or for practicality? It depends on the personality but there are options for both cases and needs. This summer fashion suggests colourful women bags. You can choose a bright coloured leather bag or a more discreet pal colour.

Glamorous shiny bags

The metallic shades are trendy and we saw them in winter in various accessories. This trend will continue for the summer with the bags. Glamorous bags will be preferred and anything that draws attention. These options are not the favourite for the minimalistic women, but you can give a wonderful touch to a white dress with a fancy glamorous bag.

Bags with straps or Satchel

We see bags with small and big straps, with plenty of decorative elements, jewellery, and various details. All these give a special style that many women can support. Satchel bags are much loved by many women.

Hobo bags

The hobo bags or boho bags are ideal for casual appearances with a personal touch of style. This type of bags is very practical for women and you can carry quite a lot!

Floral Pattern Bags

A floral pattern that is not matched properly with your dress can make you look bigger and can transform your outfit into old fashioned. You definitely do not want that. On the other and when flower patterns are beautifully incorporated into an outfit, they make your presence more youthful and fresh. This is why the floral pattern was adopted this year in the handbags.

Croc Embossed Handbags

Croc bags or crocodile embossed handbags are returning to our accessories wardrobes for this season. An instant way to give luxurious glamour to your summer wardrobe with a croc-embossed handbag that is elegant with clean lines and croc-embossed leather.

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